All about Distance: A Poem


Summary: This poem tells about a long distance relationship between a pair of lovers.

Two people who do not knowing each other at first
Will be familiar if often meet each other
Then falling in love
And become a pair of lovers
There are many of the stories with different version
Like romance love stories
The stories which are formed from the realization of love
Every people who read romantic stories would say “oh … so… Sweet”
As sweet as like that
But the fact is not like that
Certainly all of those stories will have a variety of conflicts
It does not matter if we are not blessed by our parents
No problem if we have difference ideology if we have desire to change it
But if we are in long distance relationship in long time
That’s another problem
Some people would say it is a big problem
If it is to be in two places away from each other
They would be really worried until torturing themselves
Then it would be a serious problem
Everyone knows about the long-distance relationship
They said it was a big problem in the relationship lovers
Even some people became mad because of the separation
Being mad because the long-distance conflict
Because rarely met
Because less of communication
They seemed lose half of their souls
Like Qais who became mad because lost his love Laila
Died together after separated for long time
Only her name which makes Qais realize
Until they meet without breath
Crazy because of love… looks so sad
Like Romeo who would die for Juliet
Willing to hurt himself rather than live without Juliet
They seemed to be united in death
Being the most romantic couples all the time
Because the madness of love
Their long-distance love story were end in death
The couples who look perfect
Being incomplete if their in long distance
Long distance would be a big problem for them
Just from a little problem that being a big trouble
Just a message could become a conflict
Just a phone ringing could become a big problem
All inanimate objects considered alive
Asked the stars during in the night
Asked the sun during in the day
Sky objects, photographs even the wind
Like they could be asked
Like talking to someone there
Anyone would said it was crazy
However, the certain people would not call it a crazy thing
For them, any celestial thing could respond to all his feelings
But make long distance as well as a big problem is not the solution
Exaggerated to response that
It is also not a solution
At least the distance can still be reached
As not as far being separated because of death
It is impossible idea to catch it
Or ask her to live again
Death is not the solution to end it all
To ending a broken relationship because of the distance
If we really sad
If we could not to receive it
If the emotion is separated by distance
Just pour everything through tears and forget it
Too grieving for that problem is the worst thing

Thank you to:
– Nia Nur Aisyah for checking my spelling grammar
– Shiendy Qarina for giving her ideas for my poem title


– Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

– A short story: Qais and Laila

– A Bruno Mars’ song lyric – Talking To The Moon

Word Count: 505

Dramatization link.

One thought on “All about Distance: A Poem

  1. 180410120038
    Kelas B

    “..At least the distance can still be reached
    As not as far being separated because of death..”

    Wow, that is beautiful! I totally agree about this representation. I am experiencing this kind of relationship which people regularly call it by long distance relationship. 78 kilometers that I through every week is not a big deal when we talk about love. Distance does not mean anything when love mean to be the source of unity. Never underestimate any little feeling about yearning before that little feeling is gone permanently. Long distance relationship is truthfully beautiful. We can be wiser in responding distance and time, as well as the love itself. I don’t know if you are experiencing it too, yet let’s keep fight for living our each love!

    (110 Words, without the citation)


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