A Woman: A Poem


Summary: This poem tells a patient woman whom become crazy because her the only one pleasure was gone.

In the darkness of a land

Where strong winds come

There is a lady stand

Then gaze to the front of the ground

In the darkness of a land

I walk slowly to my house
Then, I look the old kitchen which is an old sewing machine
I know the old house and the sewing machine are my mother’s

In the darkness of a small village

There are only me and an old neighbor who still survive
Not because I do not want to go into town to catch my sister and brother
But this house and this village were become a half part of me

Where I was born and lived with my mom

But now all was changed when my mom was pass away
I’m alone in this old house and accompanied by an old sewing machine
I talking to myself

What should I do when I am lonely without mom
Should I feel this loneliness every day?

With each changing season

I live without friends
Now I have realized that I should continue this life
With a heavy heart, I have to survive
By nature, animals, I have to make them as my friends

Towards twilight, the sun was beginning to set
Crowing chickens now entered into the cage
Only the sound of crickets are heard by me

In a sunny day, the winter was changed
I am living in an old hut feel how lonely myself is
Without Mom beside on me who leaving me forever
Neighbors are just misguided friends because I cannot believe them

Suddenly, when I complained about my condition

A man came to my village from the city
I wonder what is in my mind at that time

A man was approached to me

My heart more pounding when he approached
It is the first time there was a man who dared approached me

Then we are familiar with each other and sharing stories
I wonder what should I do when he express her love to me
I immediately want to be his girlfriend

Because he was a very good person and understanding my situation

But everything is just misguided
When he said goodbye with a reason to meet his mother to the city
My heart was pounding for the fear that he does not come back
And all my fear become true

he did not come again

For a few months I was waiting for him who did not to come
And finally I will decide to meet him
But what I got in town

I met his mother, then she said
And he died when he was go home

I decided returned to the village
But in the journey to the village
I was raped by a bunch of people whom I do not know
I was tortured and I do not know what I think at that time

The only woman treasures have been taken by unknown

After that incident I decided to didn’t want to know anybody
And I always being angry and rude when anybody approached to me

Then I become crazy

Thank to: 1. Nia A, because she make me idea and proofread

Word Count: 510


Dramatization link.

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