A Millennium JC (Jatinangor Century): A Short Prose


Summary: After receiving a stone from a mysterious man, Bena, an archeology student in Jatinangor, now believed that time didn’t exist but only clock did.


Bena closed the book, took a deep breath, and then sighed. He really felt like a crazy man now. His mind wandered to every cell of his brain since that evening-a crazy evening in Caringin. He tried to remember every pieces of that night, meeting a stranger who gave him an unfamiliar stone. He might just throw that stone away, but what that man said made him keep it. The stone he was holding now looked precisely like the picture on his Ikhtisar Kepurbakalaan Indonesia textbook. The sophomore archeology student looked at the picture again, deeply, and it stated that:

The nearly period of Megalith came to Indonesia on the Bronze Age, and developed by the Dong Son Culture (Deutro Malayan).

“Seriously? A millennium BC?”

Bena knew well that he might be deceived, but his instinct told him that this stone could be more important than he might think.


The next day, Bena chose to spend the whole day in the University Library, pouring his curiosity into loads of archeology books. And from a quite distance, there was seen a girl joyfully watching Bena’s every move behind her F. Scott Fitzgerald book.

Again, Bena found his questions to the impasse. He had read every Megalith’s theory, but still, no answer. He rushed to go out hoping to get his mind refreshed after a cup of coffee from the vending machine. Before he went out, he insisted to put the books back to its self, but what stood there surprised him. It was the man who gave him the stone, from the crazy evening. Bena decided to ignore him and calmly put the books back to the self. And suddenly, that man already stood beside him.

“Already found what you’ve been looking for, Bena?” That man smirked.

Bena was startled but he tried to answer calmly, “I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

“The stone.”

“Oh, I threw it. It was only a stone, right?” It is time for Bena to smile now, sarcastically.

That man was no longer showing his smile. “Oops, too bad, Bena. You think you’re smart? You know everything just because you won the national student prize? You’re completely wrong. Even all of your lecturers’ theories, those all are wrong.

“You know, Bena? Your life now, that you think you know, is only an illusion.”

Bena seemed surprised about it, but he acted like he did not give a damn about it. What Bena needed right now was to be in a quiet place to enjoy a cup of coffee. Soon, Bena left the library and that strange man.

From a distance, in the corner of library, the girl was eavesdropping since the start of their conversation. The strange man was aware and looked at that girl, smiling. But that girl looked away immediately and rushed to go after Bena.


Bena kept thinking about what that man said. He walked recklessly to Gerbang Lama with a cup of coffee on his hand. Behind him, like always, the girl was following him with the pounding heart which made its own melody. It had always been like that, since the first time she knew Bena. It was just Bena who already forgot the millennium moment.


Because of the crowd of Gerbang Lama and the rushed Bena, he accidentally bumped into someone. All of his books, also his precious coffee, scattered down.

“HOLY SHIT!” Bena cursed harshly.

The girl who followed Bena behind straightly approached him and helped him get his books. Bena looked up for a moment, to make sure if he knew this girl or not. But he didn’t, so he only smiled and simply thanked her.

“Wait Bena,” suddenly this girl called him.

“Do you know me?” asked Bena, raising his left eyebrow, a sign of astonishment.

“Err, yeah, sort of, I am Dina, an English student.” That girl gave him her hand.

Bena shook her hand, smiling. Then, Dina asked him, “Wanna join me drink? Since your coffee was already spilled.” Dina thought she was really stupid. Why suddenly asked him out of blue when he barely knew her a few seconds ago!

Bena did not want any crowded place anymore. He just needed to go bed and sleep, forget everything happened today. So Bena refused her politely.

Ah Bena, if only you knew… Said Dina to herself.

“Ah never mind, see you tonight, Ben,” Dina said as she left.

As Dina walked away, Bena noticed something from her figure behind, the key ring hanging on her bag.

“A stone?” Bena realized something. It was the same stone like the strange man gave to him!

Could Dina know something? And what did Dina mean by see you tonight? Bena thought that he became crazier as he brought Dina to his big question.



Bena opened up his eyes, realizing that Dina was in front of him. But…

“Where is this?”

The things Bena saw were only those tall trees, and damn! The freaking cold temperature!

Dina only smiled, “We’re in Jatinangor, Ben. Jatinangor in 250 years ago. I said that we would meet tonight, right?”

“What do you mean? Am I dreaming?!”

“Wow, it would be nice if you’re actually dreaming about me,” Dina laughed, her face looked more beautiful under the moonlight.

“Come on, Din. Be serious.”

“Okay Ben, you know that stone? You know why I have one? It’s because you gave me that stone, in the future. Yes, the man who gave you a stone is you, from the future.

And you know why you gave me that stone? It’s because you asked me to help you, go back to this year to save the future of Jatinangor,” Dina’s expression turned to be a serious one.

As they were discussing, they were not aware of someone peeping them behind. A European man was watching them silently in every detail with the mysterious smile on his face.


Thank you to:

  1. The great editors: Vera Citra Utami, Kurnia Novriyanti, Luqmanul Hakim
  2. IYCCA, for a great trip to many Indonesia cultural heritage sites, so it gave me this idea.


  1. http://www.scribd.com/doc/173338944/Zaman-Megalitikum-pptx
  2. National Geographic Channel, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey.
  3. Nadya J.S’s painting: Susan dan Beni (SR ITB 2012)

Word Count: (987)

Link for work dramatization.

13 thoughts on “A Millennium JC (Jatinangor Century): A Short Prose

  1. 180410120044/C

    Wow, it is great! One hell of a story. You picked the theme of the story precisely brilliant. The plot isn’t very confusing and it gives me the thrill to read this. You put the details amazingly fit to the reader’s imagination, I guess, and from the beginning the story goes, it’s not getting me bored. How the story goes is unpredictable and since I usually am able to predict a story when I read it, I can’t. It is also funny when I read the part that the university in Jatinangor has a university library, but that is fine since the story itself is worth reading.
    I am really amazed by the story and I hope you can continue to write this story more.
    (words count: 125)


    • Thank you very much Aditya hehe. The University Library is somehow just like my unrequited love. Because I have always been dreaming to hang out peacefully after class in a beautiful place such as library, not in Ciseke Food Court or Si Mental haha. Hopefully Pak Ganjar will read this, which is impossible. </3


  2. 180410120080/ A
    Though the theme is science fiction, but you do not create distance in this story, the setting in Jatinangor and our university. Therefore, I can visualize the story more easily, especially because of the familiar places. Besides, it is really amusing to have a fantasy of time traveling in this boring place. You also give details about the science, such as Megalith’s theory, so it seems more sensible. What catches my attention the most is the cliffhanger ending when suddenly there is a European man spying on them. It makes me wonder what might happen to our place in the future that Bena should “save the future of Jatinangor.”
    And the last, I have a question. Does Dina originally come from the future?
    Great story.


    • Oops, are you sure Jatinangor is a boring place??
      But I agree hahaha. Yes, I am bored living in Jatinangor but time travelling would be too mainstream if I wrote it in USA or Europe or Japan like Power Ranger.
      And yes, you’re smart for guessing it right. Dina originally comes from the future.
      And thanks for appreciating my work hehe.


  3. 180410120070/A

    The reason I come to read this because of the unique title and the story’s theme which is about the history of Jatinangor, and a stone. As I am reading the story I feel familiar to the characters since you use our campus for the location of the story, yet when they travel to the past I feel like they suddenly change to those archaeological humans. Forgive me but I’m having trouble understanding what Dina explained about the stone. I think it would be better if you could add some explanation of the stone in a narration. But I surely love this one of a kind story! Thanks for letting us know about a little history of our lovely Jatinangor! (120w)


  4. 180410110212/ D

    From the first time you discussed about the draft in the class, I am sure you would write a great story like this. The theme of this story is anti mainstream. The unique title, the setting and plot are interesting and it makes me keep thinking and arguing what happens next, what happens next, and I can imagine every action like I read the whole story. And the ending is great. It is good if you want to continue this story. I also saw your work dramatization, unfortunately the pictures are not detail like your story, it will be better if you give more pictures. Overall, I like this work.


  5. Ineza Rachma Putri
    Class F

    It is interesting how you build a plot here. You got me interested in your work by reading its title first. When I tried to read this carefully, I got the creepy feelings since it is stated that there is “a mysterious man” who gave a stone to Bena. I thought it was the real mysterious man who comes from another planet. I wonder who the mysterious man is. It is shocking when I know that the mysterious man is Bena himself who received as well as gave that stone for himself. I am really impressed by your work. It must be a good, unusual yet interesting work.

    Word Count: (108)


    • Thank you Inez, I also love your songs and your beautiful voice! But forgive me for not commenting on your work because I do not know how to make the comment sounds intelligent hehe. But I love your songs! Hopefully you will continue on making songs :D


  6. 180410120085/E

    I love the way you build the story which is about time traveler. From the story, I got the point that the stone connects life in the future and life in the present. This stone seems as the thing which comes from different time. It also makes the stone as the substitution of time machine and shows that there is time difference. It can be showed in the conversation between Bena and Dina “Okay Ben, you know that stone? You know why I have one? It’s because you gave me that stone, in the future. Yes, the man who gave you a stone is you, from the future….” From this talk, I sum up that the stone is such an intermediary object.

    Keep going on writing short prose, Nurin! :)


    • Haha thank you so much, Tisa :)

      Yes you got a point, great! A stone is indeed an important element in my story. It wouldn’t be a Millennium JC if there was not a stone within it.

      Because Megalith relates to the “STONE” age, right? Thus, stone is an important element hehe.


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