A Letter from Him: A Short Prose


Summary: A story about a girl who got hurt because of one guy’s wavering heart.

Hey, it’s Kathleen. I bet you’re sleeping soundly right now. What a loser, sleeping this early. I have something to say but I’m too much of a coward to say it directly. Uhh actually I……I like you. There. I said it….bye.

“Uhm hi it’s Kathleen again. I forgot to tell you this; don’t feel burdened by my sudden confession because I expect nothing from you. I know you don’t like me like that, what with I know about your still-lingering crush for your first love, but I just had to say it so I’ll be more at ease. Please don’t get awkward around me after this. Okay that’s all. Bye.”

I smiled at myself as I reminisce the peaceful and beautiful past. I was so silly back then, and where did that bravery to confess come from anyway? I remember trembling while holding the phone and then feeling anxious to the point I couldn’t even get a blink of sleep that night after my confession. But at least, I didn’t get anxious for nothing.

“Kath, hey, it’s Skandar.”

“Mmm hey”

“I’m in front of your door now, open up.”

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“I know what I’m doing, just open it please? It’s freezing out here.”

“What do I do with you……wait, I’m going down. Hang up-”

“WAIT! Don’t hang up. And don’t ask me why. Just do it”

Do you know why he asked me not to hang up the phone? Because when I opened the door, he was standing there with a plastic bag full of my favorite chocolates with a very shy look and dazzling smile. Then he put one finger on his mouth—a command for me to stay silent—and turned his back to me, and started talking on the phone.

“Look, I mean listen, Kath; I need you to keep silent and listen to what I’m about to say.”

“If it’s about my confession, you don’t have to do this. You can just give me the chocolates and leave like nothing happened.”

“Just stop talking for a while will you?”


“I like you.”


“I like you like that, I like you the way you like me. I don’t know since when but when I heard you talk about my crush for Krystal, it hit me. The reality that I no longer care about her hit me hard, along with the realization that I care a lot about you and I don’t want to be just friend with you. So I’m going to ask you, will you be my beloved one?”


“Kath? You can talk now.”

There was a long pause between us then; I had a hard time convincing myself that I wasn’t dreaming. When I convinced myself, I hugged him from behind because I was just too overwhelmed by my feeling. I was so happy because I felt like he’s the one. He was so understanding, caring, funny, and most importantly, he was willing to do things he didn’t like to make me happy. Sounded perfect huh? But we had had fights too, which mostly ended in no more than 3 days because we both couldn’t stand ignoring each other.

But after years of being so happily in relationship with him, something happened, something that can turn my smile into a bitter one instantly.

It was January 20th 2013, four days before our 3rd anniversary, when he suddenly completely disappeared. He didn’t pick up my calls, didn’t reply my texts, he wasn’t even in his dorm. It was as if he never existed. I panicked. I was afraid if something bad happened to him that I couldn’t even sleep, but I panicked for nothing. He was back the next day; said he had to go back home and he accidentally left his phone in his dorm. Even then, I felt that something was off but I brushed it off because I was so glad that he’s back in piece. He also acted a bit strange that day; he kept looking at his phone even when he was with me, when someone called he’d walk away so I couldn’t hear. But I trusted him, so, again, I brushed it off.

Now I know I shouldn’t have ignored that odd feeling. Because it was right; something was off. Two days later, he broke up with me. He said that his feeling for Krystal was still there after all.

Oh wait, since when did my tears falling? Ah it’s been a year since he broke up with me, yet I’m still like this. What a loser.

I was, maybe still am, very broken-hearted. I wailed and begged him to stay. I was such an embarrassment. He didn’t turn his back even after I begged him, so I got mad instead.

“So, all this time, I was nothing to you. You were just playing me. Was it fun? Was making me love you only for you to dump me harshly fun?”

“Don’t say that. You mean a lot to me. If I were just playing you, why did I stick around for years? Do you really think I’m that low? I really love you”

“Quit it! If you really love me, how can you replace our years together in a mere 2 days?”

“Because she said she was wrong, she said she loves me…and my heart still longs for her. Hate me all you want but please, don’t hurt her. I’m the only wrong one here.”

“Are you kidding me? If she didn’t come to say she loves you, this would never happen! Also, do you have no respect of my feeling at all?”

“I’m sorry. I really am. I love you but I love her more.”

Ridiculous wasn’t he? Saying that he loves me and all but still left me anyway. And now, exactly the day we supposed to celebrate our 4th anniversary, a letter come to me. A letter that left me hurt all over again, a letter from him.

Thank you to:

My class-mates; Niki Nur Arinda, Vidiana Aulia Dewi, Khansa Larasati for proof-reading my work.
My twitter best friends; Elton and Fanny for helping me picking up ideas and lending me her handwriting for the letter.

Word Count: 1000

Link for Dramatization: http://parfaitsetrangers.wordpress.com/2014/04/23/a-letter-from-him-2/

5 thoughts on “A Letter from Him: A Short Prose

  1. 180410120112 / F

    So deep, is your story contains your slice of life? I kinda feel sort of empathy on this. Years of being in a relationship and had to face an unwanted ending must be tough. I like the way Kathleen confessed to Skandar, confessing feelings by phone is not cowardly thing anyway. That is awesome of having such a courage!

    “…but I panicked for nothing”, Kath panicked for nothing? Seriously? I thought it was quite clear that Kath panicked because Skandar was disappeared. Why you wrote that she panicked for nothing, by the way? Then “He was back the next day” I think it will be better if you use “came” instead of “was” to make the meaning more understandable that Skandar got back home after disappearing for some time.

    Here, have my piece of advice; never go for further serious relationship with your close friend.

    Good writing, Ica.


    • Yes this story is actually based on my experience, I only added exaggerations here and there.

      Kathleen panicked because she though something bad happened to Skandar, and as it turned out Skandar was okay so she panicked for nothing. In my opinion, using ‘was back’ means that Kath had a faith that Skandar would come back no matter what.

      Thank you for the comment and advice :)


  2. 180410120039/B

    I like your story very much. I never really like a romantic story because I find it will be cheesy. Since the beginning, as a reader, I can tell that you got me into this story. Over all, the most interesting thing to me is the part the story portrays a typical inconsistent boy in a relationship with a girl which is, in my opinion happens in real life. The way the girl confesses her love in the first paragraph makes me think it is not a really bad thing for a girl to confess to a boy we like if we do it like her it is simple, yet not lowering girls’ pride.


    • Thank you! I am very glad that you like this story, it means a lot!
      Actually this story is more of an angst story than romantic story, so yeah, no cheesy things. Yes girls, take the courage to confess first! Haha

      Thank you for commenting :)


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