A Candle: A Short Prose


Summary : A lmother tell a story about candle to her daughter

“Mom, why is our home so dark, is this what people called blackout?” Riko asked her mother while holding his mother’s clothes.

“MOM … MOM … I am scared of the dark, I can not see anything” Riko keep getting closer to her mom and pull her mother’s clothes.

“Riko, don’t be cry, don’t be afraid of the dark and blackout. Mom is here. Sooner or later the light will turn on again, my dear.” Riko’s Mother wiped her tears rini and touching her with affection.

Then, Mom holding Riko’s hand. She took Riko to the front porch of the house that is still dark because of all the burning electricity outages. There may be outages made the authorities, they said it is damage.

But it is not worried about. Riko and the whole family gathered on the front terrace. Beside the terrace, there is a fish tank belonging to Riko’s father. And the fish are swimming in the dark.

“Dad, are the fish not afraid of the dark?” Riko ask her father.

But suddenly, Riko see a small light from inside the house. Apparently her mother bring a bright light into the middle of the terrace. Riko see a candle very carefully and her face looks confused. A candle shinning in front of Riko’s face.

“Mom…..” Riko calling her mother.

Her mother smile to see her little face. Riko’s Mother already understand what this little girl want to talk about.

“Yes my dear, do you want to take a look at this candle?” Riko eventually sit on the lap of her mother.

“Are you still afraid of the dark?” Ask her mother while touching Riko’s head.

“Yes Mom….. But if I get closer and near you, I would not be afraid of the dark.” Riko said to her mom.

“ Riko, look at this candle.” Riko’s mom pointing at a candle in front of them.

“The candle gives light to us at the time when the dark comes.”

“The candle lit up the dark with the light, stand up right without fear.”

“The candle dedicate it self to give the light, although the candle’s body continues to decrease over time.”

Riko hear the story well and pay attention to her mother.

“This candle is not complaining the duty, although the candle was only alone in the dark, the candle always give the light to the others, to those who get lost in the dark” Mom tells her little girl while she touching Riko’s head.

“The candle become a hope for wading through the darkness, until the candle turns off after giving a hope for another candle. And it is the same for human, we should help each other too, run a life well. Even though our time in life will decrease but the obligation is a requirement that must be run so that our life has a meaning.”

Riko’s mother gazing at her daughter’s face. Riko fall asleep in her mother’s lap. Her mother hug and kiss Riko warmly, and bring her to her bedroom. She hope, in Riko’s dream there is a light that will bring Riko into the nice dream, and Riko’s mother hope that after Riko wake up, she can be a light to the other people.

Word Count: (541)
Link for work dramatization: will be sent later

One thought on “A Candle: A Short Prose

  1. Cyntia valerina/180410110176/ A

    In the beginning story I feel scary because in the story tells of the dark and I think there will be murder because her children keep closer with her mom, but in the middle the story tell about the children who afraid of the dark and blackout, and his mother told them don’t be afraid of the dark because there a candle who will give they a lighter without complaining. And the candle told us to live like a candle “Even though our time in life will decrease but the obligation is a requirement that must be run so that our life has a meaning “so live like a candle. This story gives us a lot of motivation


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