Dream and Real Life : A Short Prose


Summary : Telling a story of a girl who has similar experience as her dream.

At middle of the night while everybody was sleeping, I woke up suddenly and opened my eyes then I saw a golden handle door. The temperature was cold and my body was freezing. I walked closer to the door on barefoot, curiously to open it. When I opened the door, I trampled on the grasses. There were many tall trees around me. I smelt water humidified grounds began overcast. I hardly saw anything lively. It’s just dark without a shaft of light. I walked sheer off as far as I walked there was many big trees. The rain began to fall heavily. I was standing under the tree and stayed there although I got wet. I felt scare that there was someone following me. I look around but nothing I found. I could hear someone whispered, suddenly something touch my shoulder, like hand.

I saw a little light then I saw a woman wearing tatters clothes. She has white long hair, and was yellow toothed and humpbacked.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“Who do you think I am? And who are you? ” she peered at me.

“What? You? You are so weird. Tell me where I am. Why am I here? What happened to me?”

“Are you crazy or something? Look, I don’t know who you are and I don’t know what happened to you. I am just a beggar who walked drawing ahead this tree to take shelter.”

“Really? I don’t believe you. I doubt you just walked around here. It must be something.”

“You think so?”

“Okay. If there was nothing and you don’t know anything you will help me and you should.”

“Where was that come from? You asked me so many questions which I don’t know you judge me then I have to help you?”

“You won’t? I will pay you when I get out of here”

“It is not that simple.”

“So what? You said you just a beggar. You are old. You are just needs money right now, right?”

“Really, you are such an arrogant girl. You didn’t have any attitude to whom you talk. If you always being like this, you will not have somebody in your life help you in any trouble you get. Just remember if you did something good then you will get good result. On the contrary, if you didn’t, you know what would happen to you. Even less when you did something bad worse and worst people will hate you they will curse your name and something bad will happen to you. ”

I didn’t know what she was talking about and why I was so mad at her. I just got confused of all these things. I bowed my head and heard footfall went away the woman I saw and talk to me gone. I was sleepy. Then in a next few minutes I fall asleep. I did not remember anything.

The sun shone, waking me up. Pillow and blanket was right up next to me. My clothes were half wet and body cold also freezing like something I ever felt before but this was my sweat I didn’t believe it. I stood up and looked at the mirror. I had no idea what was going on. I digitalized watch, time reminded me that I had to go to school before I got late for quiz that day so I went to the bathroom and was ready for school.

In front of gateway at school, there was two beggars boy and an old woman. They sat near sidewalk. I was in a hurry to get the class so I passed them. Last week the teacher said that the quiz just for ten minutes before regular study if I was late the teacher would not allowed me to follow the quiz. The teacher already read several questions when I arrived in front of the class. I tried to talk to my teacher to give another quiz next week in order to complete my grades. She was so kind to allow me follow another quiz next week.

Next week time was coming for second chance I didn’t want to be late so I went earlier to school. Whether it was coincidence or not again I saw a boy and an old woman whom I remember she was in my dream. She looked at me and for a while staring at me. I was looking for small change in my pocket to give them.

“ Thank you. If you did something good, you will have a good mark too.” She smile and went away.

I thought it was like the same event in my dream but in the real life the same person like her said it too.

That old woman already left. I went to the class and ready to answer the quiz. What made me happy was I got the high score.

However, I thought dream was the dream. In real life people have to do good things to make a better life.

Thank you to Minanto and Annisa Damayanti, my Friends, for correcting my grammar.


-Short story I Found My Continent,

– Dowrick , Stephanie. 2007. “Creative Journal Writing – The Art and Heart of Reflection”. Australia : Griffin Press.

Word Count (836 words)

Link for dramatization.

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