Sogno: A Short Prose


Summary: This is the story about two best friends who face different fate.

Twelve years had passed since the first time Lilly and Syahdan went to the beach near their home together, but the beach didn’t change at all. They loved to spend most their time in the beach, just like that Friday afternoon.

“Do you remember when we got here without telling our parents?”

“Of course! That’s why my mother locked me in the bathroom for two hours. Ah, I agreed to go with you because you said, ‘Oh my God, there is a dolphin in the beach!’ Liar.”

“What am I supposed to do? You studied all the time. If I didn’t lie to you, you wouldn’t come with me.”

They both laughed. Syahdan hardly believe that it was years ago. They had already done a lot of fun together. Now, one of them would be going to London for a long time, which meant they would be separated for the first time.

“So, someone is going to London, huh?” Syahdan stared out at the sea and kept silent for a moment. When she looked back at Lilly, she smiled gently.

Lilly looked at Syahdan as if she wanted to say something to her, but what came out of her mouth was just, “Yeah…”

“What is wrong with the expression?” asked Syahdan.

“I just feel…,” Lilly confused to choose the right word to say, “…bad.”

“No, you’re not. You’ll study Journalistic in London. It is our dream! Which part that makes you feel bad?”

Lilly cleared her throat nervously, “The part that you’re not coming with me.” Lilly didn’t know why she said it. As soon as the words were out she regretted saying them. She knew it wasn’t fair for her best friend. Syahdan was the one who worked so hard to study to London, not her.

Both of them sat awkwardly on the sand. It was quite in the beach. For the longest time they sat staring at the sea, saying nothing at all. Then Syahdan said, “You’re wrong.”

Lilly didn’t get it. How come she was wrong?

“You’ll love it there, without me. It’s London, dummy! If I were you, I’d love it, whether I’m with you or not. It’s the city with Big Ben and Trafalgar Square. London also has Union Jack anywhere. Oh, and King’s Cross where Harry Potter went to Hogwarts in platform 9 ¾. Ah, and the bridge! The bridge where I want to cross so badly, even if it’s only stepping by…” Syahdan said. For a moment, Lilly looked sad and Syahdan realized it.

“Hey, what is wrong with you? Lighten up! London is waiting for you. Aren’t you happy?” Syahdan put her arms around Lilly’s shoulder.

Lilly couldn’t bear it. This was the most frightening moment so far. She kept her tone as even as she could.

“I know, London means a lot for you, and it disappoints you that you could not go there. It bothers me when you pretend like you are happy when I know you’re not. So, can you please, stop?” Lilly felt her heart beat dangerously fast in her chest, and heard her voice trembled so hard. Her breathing was uncontrolled.

“Lame!” Syahdan laughed so hard. Lilly was a little surprised. Of all the reaction she might have predicted, this one was unexpected. “Don’t spoil yourself with sadness, Ly. You’re worst at it. Me? London was important. I realize it was almost the only good thing I could have dreamed about, rather than having a good looking boyfriend. But it’s too big now, and I’m getting like a dwarf. For now, I’m small, but it won’t be last forever, being this small. I’m gonna be huge tomorrow, the day after tomorrow. Especially in here.” Syahdan touched her chest, smiling.

Lilly knew she was supposed to say something but she couldn’t. It was true. All those dreams were over for Syahdan. She would make a new one. Not just yet, but soon. Lilly suddenly felt shy for underestimating her best friend. Syahdan was though.

“I’ll be okay and I’m happy for you. Even though sitting in the beach will be completely different without you. You’ll miss the beach, I bet. The beach is reminiscent of our memories. This beach is full of our hidden secrets. It’s like our deaf diary.” Syahdan continued.

Lilly nodded in agreement. “I’m gonna miss this beach….so hard. Because this is the beach where we played dumb things together and built the dreams like it was infinite yet still reachable. Now, I have to travel alone without you….I’ll be so lonely.”

“You’ll be fine.”

“Then what will you do?”

“Keep dreaming. Have a little cup of Milo. Get married.”

“What? Come on…”

“I’ll apply to the local university next year for French Literature, so I can travel to France someday. London will be unattractive for me since it’ll be going to have you there. Then I’m gonna get married to a very handsome Australian guy who looks like Hugh Jackman…and hopefully very rich!”

“You’re such a liar. You never have any intention to get married before.”

“Now I have. Actually, Norman is kinda cute…And extremely rich.”

“Bitch! You dumped him because you thought he looked like a frog!”

Syahdan laughed. “Well, Hans Christian Andersen wrote the frog prince, remember?”

“Yeah.” Lilly looked up at the sky. “Then, I’m gonna marry someone who understands Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael…or Leonardo Da Vinci.”

“Wow, you suddenly understand art!”

“No. I deeply understand Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

They both laughed.

“You’ll still be my best friend, right?” Lilly leant her body into Syahdan. “Promise?”

“I can’t promise that.” Syahdan said. Lilly knew Syahdan lied. Syahdan opened her arms and two of them held each other.

In the end, Syahdan was happy. Her dream of studying in London might be perished, but it didn’t stop her dreaming. She was sincere about Lilly and she was sure that everything would be fine for them.

Thank you to Arina Pramudita, Netti Rahmawati, and Wisny Ima Prasetyo.

Word count: (983)

References: Menzel, Idina. “Let It Go.” By Kristen Anderson-Lopez. Frozen OST. Walt Disney Records. 2013

Link to work dramatization:

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