Stageplay/Film: The Taming of the Shrew/10 Things I Hate about You

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In relation to references (in a very broad meaning) used in process of creative writing, adaptation is one of many ways of reading one work and transform it into another.

Keep in mind that Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew (the complete play and/or the abridged version you are required to read) and 10 Things I Hate about You are two different works. Observe how aspect/element of story triangulation (plot-characterization-setting) in those two works is built and different or similar from each other. Focus on how the aspect/element is significant to the story triangulation.

Your response should be in form of significant opinion and/or valid argument about one specific aspect/element of any of the story triangulation in relation with adaptation process.

No study questions this time, but we provide list of aspects/elements you can pick and choose to discuss. (Please just pick one and focus on one specific detail to form a solid argument) You can either write your comment of your own composed opinion or submit a comment about one of these points.

  • Elizabethan Drama
  • 1999 Hollywood
  • Stageplay
  • Teen film
  • Comedy-drama or Comedy or Drama
  • Padua
  • Highschool
  • Courtship
  • Dowry
  • Katherine
  • Petruchio
  • Bianca
  • Walter Stratford
  • Ms. Perky
  • Marriage
  • Prom Night
  • Mode of transportation
  • Mode of communication
  • Any song as BGM and/or Soundtrack
  • ’10 Things I Hate about You’ Poem.


You can also refer to exempli gratia when you discuss about any specific part of the film or consult the FAQ page if you have any other question.

197 thoughts on “Stageplay/Film: The Taming of the Shrew/10 Things I Hate about You

  1. Monique Ariica
    E – 180410120052

    Since Kat shows her dislike of high school boys as the protagonist; the round character whose characteristic and personality can move the plot and how the story goes, I think it depicts the feminist side of her. The fact that a teenager is more likely to have his or her own orientation and desire in order to find their own identities makes me feel like I am not too surprised about the problem of the protagonist and her sister. It seems to me that there is an obvious line between Kat and Bianca that makes them separated as siblings because of their real dispositions and how they react to high school life, which is why they are very different. Although the way the story goes sounds familiar with the adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew”, I think the difference is that the movie presents the teen performers and some fresh dialogue, so it can relate to our modern life.


    • 180410120077
      class D

      I have the same opinion about you, but several points, perhaps.
      The way katherine respond to a man who is suddenly knows whatever she likes and dislikes is ( i mean in the term of personal orientation). Then, the phenomena of the boundary of truthful acts, in both works, shows that a slight difference between being totally truthful and half-ed. It seemed that withing this two works which has a link, it depicts most of the possibilities of teenage life.


  2. 180410120043 / Kelas B

    There are some differences between the characters in both works. Due to the adaptation, there are some eliminated characters, but there is also a character created to represent three characters from the stage play. I consider Michael as a unification of Hortensio, Grumio, and Biondello. In the movie, Michael represents Hortensio by going to prom with Mandella, which reflects Hortensio marrying the widow, while he also represents Grumio and Biondello by helping Cameron (Lucentio) to get Bianca. In this case, I think the plot flows based on Michael’s plan to help Cameron. I also recognize the importance of the soundtracks to depict the characters or situations like from the first scene when Kat appears with the loud music, “I don’t give a damn ‘bout my bad reputation.” The lyrics describe Kat’s character very well. It implies Kat does everything she wants and does not care what people think about that. It is so Kat, I believe.


  3. Nikko Kurnia Hermawan

    Watching this movie reminds me about Indonesia’s teen film or drama soap because the movie’s plot is predictable especially its love story between Kat and Michael. I can see how this movie’s plot is easy to predict when Cameron asked Michael to approach Kat in order to make his way to get Bianca (Kat’s Sister) easier. In my personal opinion, it means that Michael takes control the entire movie. Without his action, the story will not go really well as we have expected previously. Michael’s role contributes dynamics in creating mood for this movie. Besides, listening to all this movie’s soundtracks gives me a very good lesson that one soundtrack means a lot in describing both individual character and feeling that the character has gone through, for example (01:03:04 – 01:04:38) Michael sang a song “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” for Kat in front of many people in the court to show that he had all what it takes to be her good lover and show his feeling to Kat also. Kat seemed to be happy seeing Michael’s effort.


  4. 180410120001

    The communication between the actors is the main point that I focused from the beginning until the ending of this movie. In my opinion, the mode of communication between Cameron, Michael, Patrick and Joey is very important for this movie. It is important because they are the main “key” to make Bianca and Kat free from Mr. Stratford’s rules. I think there is no conflict when Cameron, Michael, Patrick and Joey communicate each other secretly. For example, the scene when Joey asks Patrick to date with Kat secretly in the football field. In the other hand, I think the conflict begins when they communicate openly. For example, the scene in the prom when Joey and Patrick talk each other in front of Kat. As a result, I think the mode of communication between them is very important to build a plot.


  5. 180410120056
    Kelas B

    Petruchio and Patrick are quite similar in both works.These characters are materialistic but it is depicted differently. In the stageplay, Petruchio tries to find a wealthy woman, Katherina, to be married, while in the movie, Patrick is paid with high stake for dating Kat.

    The taming methods they use are also different. Petruchio applies a ‘torturing’ method when he takes Katherina’s power (by giving her a role as a wife) and confesses that he offers her perfection, but it makes her suffered. On the contrary, Patrick applies a very romantic method to make her fall in love with him because he believes that warm love can melt Kat’s tough heart.


    • 180410120025

      I think the idea of the torture in the stageplay and the warm-love-giving in the movie juxtaposes how both male protagonist in the movie adorn their lovers. Your point about the one being different from the other shows indeed the anticlimax being put altogether. Petrucchio tortures her because he thinks that’s the only way to overpower her, for perfection is the only thing she wishes to be impinged with other forms of her ‘sef’. Likewise, Patrick’s moves, along with his self-torturing habit (smoking), toward Cat (or the ‘perfection’ itself) would make a genuine uplifting point of yours aforementioned, showing similarity.


      • I do not see any similarity between self-torturing habit of Patrick (as you said) and an act of torturing that is done by Petruchio to Katherine. I mean, if Petruchio “tortured” Katherine, he did it in order to tame “the shrew.” It is an act of love. Meanwhile, Patrick torture himself by smoking (and drinking, if I may add) as a self-amusement. It has nothing to do to get Katherine’s love or to tame her.


  6. 180410120077
    class D


    taking into consideration about these two works which has a link. it may start from the possibilities of teenage life, as commented above, personal orientation. on top off all, the main protagonist, Katherine, believes that being self – aware and self- protected is the best way to life , to be as an adult, without considering the truthful facts that lies outside her world.

    the next and the last is about the truthful, yet it is not the main thing of the work, it only appears as the usual thing that happens. these two works represents two similar things in which, to speak, truth or right.


  7. 180410120059
    Class C

    The two different works, The Taming of the Shrew and 10 Things I Hate about You, showed how the perspective of marriage was diverse in two era, late 16th and 20th Century. In the Shakespeare`s play, the plot showed that Petruchio, after wedding with Katherina, could take her home even against her will showing that marriage had a great power in this era, a wife must obedient her husband, whereas in the film, without marriage, Patrick Verona was able to pick Katarina up go to the party and therefore the marriage status was not too important in that time. However, some culture stilled not change that both the younger sister, Bianca, could not fall in love with men before Kat, the older sister, also got engaged. Besides, the men had to tame the “shrew” to prove their love until the women became a biddable and respectable bridge/girlfriend.

    (147 words)


  8. 180410120143
    Kelas G

    One of the similarities shown in the works is how the male lead is at first shut down by Kat. In the play, Petruchio continuously tried to “woo” Katherine by praising her, despite her unceasing bickering (“She in loud and angry terms…”). Patrick, just like Petruchio, pursued her non-stop, by “accidentally” meeting Kat at various places, trying to meet their similarities. Patrick’s attempts, however, only resulted in cool, sarcastic comments from Kat (from “Oh right, Friday. Uh huh” to “I want you. I need you. Oh baby, oh baby.”), which is contrast from the play that describes Katherine as “loud-tounged”. Though both are shut down hard at first, they both got Kat to go out with them (in a form of marriage in the play and a party in the movie), which is the very first step on their journey to tame the shrew.

    (144 words)


  9. 180410120020

    “10 Things I Hate About You” has a common plot that teen films usually have. The plot is almost similar to other teen films like “Another Cinderella Story”, “Sydney White”, and “Mean Girls”.

    At the first point, there are always groups of people with the same interest and/or the same fortune in teen films; there are characters which are the popular ones and the loser dudes, the into-music person and the athletic star, you name it.

    The second thing is the existence of prom night party. Usually the conflict arises here. Prom night will usually be the moment for those different groups to mingle together and build up the plot of how the geek meets the popular.

    There were only several things that teen films have in common; “10 Things I Hate About You” itself has all the things that I mentioned which make this film no special for me.


  10. 180410120089
    Class E

    Katherina of the stageplay or Katarina of the film is significant to the story as major events related to her. Moreover, her character is dynamic since her traits change by the end of the story. Katherina and Katarina are built differently in these two works. The stageplay builds characters through dialogues and performances, whereas the film is more about being shown rather than told.
    One aspect of the stageplay that subsides in this entirely modernized film is the role of women, which is explored though characterization. Katharine is mostly described in a powerless role. She needs to be tamed because she is not a proper woman in 17th century Europe who is maternal and obedient. However, in the film, men and women are equal. Katarina has the right to act and think for herself, then she is not forced to love Patrick. The writers of the film had to modify Katherina’s character to make it more comprehensible to ’90s American teenagers as the target audience.


  11. Evira Tifany Tiurma

    The prom night represents the marriage in Shakespeare’s stage play, “Taming of the Shrew”. I compare the film version with the stage play version that going to a prom night, in my opinion, is the most important thing to do for Padua High School students as if it is the moment that should not be missed, for example when Bianca is eager to go to the prom party with her prom mate, Cameron, but she is permitted to go by her father only if Katherine has her prom mate. According to the stage play version, marriage is Bianca’s desire, but she has to deal with her father just because Katherine does not have a true love. I think that the prom (film) and marriage (stage play) implicitly conveys that those things are what teenagers and adults want to have a blissful life.


  12. I think setting is the most distinctive element between the two works that can define and completely develop the characterization and plot of the story here. Clearly we know 10 Things I Hate About You is the modern version of Shakespeare’s stage play Taming of the Shrew, and as the audience of the modern production is 20th century teenagers, we cannot deny the needs to adjust several aspects from the stage play by means to make the story acceptable. Marriage, for instance, is a definite idea describing male-female relationship during the period in which the stage play was composed. Meanwhile, in Kat and Patrick’s case (the modern one) the story does not need the complexity of marriage due to the culture attached to the modern era.


  13. Diva Putih Dannior

    The film is aimed at teenagers who are experiencing a coming of age. As a teen film, this one is pretty good, even though the ending is predictable. Common teenager problems such as stereotype, conflict with family members, and teenage love are put in this film. Here is how it goes; Kat is presented as a character considered as an outcast who also experiences conflicts with her father and sister, and then it revolves around teenage love between Kat and Patrick. It flows smoothly as a great adaptation from Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew. Moreover, Kat and Patrick fall in love unexpectedly while Kat does not know they are being set up. The way they found love and overcame obstacles are the most exciting part for me. Those are regularly seen in many teen films, where the protagonists cannot help but go to the next level from being just friends, even with someone they least expect.


  14. 180410120050

    There are two things which make “10 Things I Hate about You” into teen film. The first one is the characters that are of high school age. Some teen films contain characters of this age. Besides, there must exist popular, high-class, and charming characters. We can take Bianca, a popular student and Joey, a high class and popular student, for example.

    Another thing making this movie into teen film is the common formula of its plot. We can see that at the early scene Bianca seems to have feeling for Joey because of his wealthy. However, in the end the audience can find that Bianca, the beautiful and popular girl, finally chooses Cameron, who is not a popular student, rather than Joey. It is a very common formula.

    All in all, the common characters and formula really make the audience consider this film as teen film.


  15. Netti Rahmawati

    I find that there is a similarity between Walter’s roles in the film and in the play whose character generates the plot by applying a rule. With his rule, in the play he prevents Bianca from getting married and in the film he prevents Bianca from having a date. Besides this resemblance of his role, I also find a difference between the characterizations of Walter. In the play, he applies the rule in order to help Bianca getting married. But in the film, considering Kate’s personality who does not seem to have any intention in having a date, Walter imposes the rule in order to makes sure that Bianca will never have a date. So, unlike in the play, in the film I find that Walter is characterized being crafty.

    Word count: 130


  16. Annisa Hapsari

    I consider that the ’10 Things I Hate about You’ poem shows how much Kat loves Patrick. She uses repetition in her poem to show a deep sadness because Patrick betrays her and she wants to hate him because of that yet she forgives him. She may hate the fact that he dates her for being paid by the person she hates and he makes her falling in love with him, but she does not hate Patrick. Well, I think she cannot hate him. Every time she says the word “hate” from the poetry, it is actually means “love”. Why does she hate those things on him? Why even those things bother her? Because she loves him, and all those things remind her about Patrick that is why she cannot hate him at all even if she wants to.

    Word count: 139


  17. 180410120081 / A

    The right choosing of background song adds more meaning to the movie, especially when the music is showing the relationship between the characters. When Patrick and Kat dance in prom night, the song “Cruel to be Kind” (performed by Letters to Cleo) is played. The lyric “you gotta be cruel to be kind” represents the relationship between them. Patrick is kind to Kat but he is actually cruel: he offers something Kat loathe, something she doesn’t want like kindness and attention, in order to make her human—to get her accustomed to her teenage life. Kat’s cruelty to Patrick is seen when she throws Patrick’s cigarette—something Patrick loves—away when he’s about to lit it [1:12:16] because maybe she just wants Patrick lives healthily. They indeed have their own way of being cruel—but that’s “a good sign” because to be cruel “means that I love you.” (148 words)


  18. Dina A. Lestari
    180410120136 / G

    In my opinion, the way author developed the characters in the film, especially Katarina Stratford is very clearly. As I can see from the beginning of the film, Kat has already presented as a firm and fierce teenager. From (00.00.58 – 00.01.55) the author has given any sign by contrasting Kat with four girls in the car. Firstly, the girls was cheering merrily in the car and enjoying a hip-hop music until their car stop and Kat’s car was adjoining with it. The camera focus moved to Kat’s car, besides the hip-hop song also changed to the rock music in it. They looked at Kat first, but when Kat realized and was staring back to them, they turned looked straight together and quickly. Moreover, the property she used in the scene likewise supported the firm character of Kat, such as black outfit she wore, and the car with any damages which she always used. Still, her gestures and behaves when she detached the padua prom poster, similarly supported more her fierce character.


  19. Bunga Asih Insani
    180410120080/ A

    Although 10 Things I Hate About You is an adaptation from Shakespeare’s work, Taming the Shrew, it is totally modernized into a simple teenage love story, so that I would not be aware that the film is adapted from 17th century stageplay if I just watched the film. To make it suitable to become a teen film in this era, there are some aspects that should be changed, one of which is the city, Padua, is changed into the smaller scale, Padua High School. With the different setting, automatically the other aspects are altered as well. For example, the prohibition about “marrying” from Baptista is replaced by simply “dating” from Mr. Stratford, considering the characters who are high school students. Despite the similar main plot and characterization, with highschool life story, many people or specifically teenagers can relate themselves to the story more easily. (144 words)


  20. Zitro Alviotti
    Class F

    I found out something interesting about Katherine. In my own thoughts, there is a similarity in both Katherine and Katarina in how the writers represent their characterization. I assumed like that since both of them acted really annoying and introvert which make the people who were in the society felt mad about her. However, in the other hand, both them want to be loved by the people in the society. Based on my statement, I assumed that the characterization of both the characters is to show us that to be accepted in a the society, we must act according to the culture and tradition of the society which the society thinks it is still in good circumstances . But, it is contrary with human’s personal will to live according what they want to as a human being. (137 words)


  21. Muhammad Reihansyah Maulana
    180410120107 – Class F

    Walter Stratford showed his disagreement for his daughters to go on date with someone because he always wants to be a spectator for his daughters especially Bianca, he always wants to see the game (his daughter’s life when they’re go to school). If his daughters are on date with someone it means he is no longer able to see or take care about the game his daughters play, since his daughters already had someone to take care of her. The camera which Walter used to see the game was through Katherine’s eyes. In my opinion, the reason why Walter forced Bianca to act and be like her sister Katherine is because Walter only got a view of Bianca through Katherine’s perspective, otherwise Walter do not see the truth about Katherine, and caused Walter to judge Katherine as the right side.


  22. Ratu Maharani

    In the relation with the adaptation process, characterization is one of the aspect of triangulation. I want to see it from the main character the shrew or katerine. The characterization of Katerine is really mean and she will insult everyone she meets. The characterization could be seen in the story and from the form that the character formed by seeing her attitude. We could addapt the characterization of this characterization. The addaptation is really mean and misunderstood and these type of characterization make the addaptation process more understandable and easy to be addapted.


  23. Anandyaz Anantama Nugraha


    Kat, a strong, opinionated and intelligent woman is portrayed as a bad thing, likewise during the time Shakespeare was writing his plays, girl such her were called a shrew. That’s the Kat before she begins dating Patrick.

    Like the Kat in Shakespeare’s original play, Kat’s personality is “tamed” once she gets the love and attention from Patrick/Petruchio. Without him, Kat would have had no reason to go to neither the party nor the prom. He manages to convince her to abandon her own feelings and views on the issue and she acts more like a socially acceptable. Because she is “normal” now that she has received the attention of the male and that attention has reduced her shrewish personality which I can say she has been “tamed”.

    (131 words)


  24. Wiwin cahyati

    10 things that I hate about you is Kat’s poem about her emotions love feeling to Patrick, since Kat was felt betrayed when she knows that Patrick was paid by Joey to get dinner with her. And I consider this is to be one of the elements of this movie’s title.
    At the last part of the poem she wrote:

    But mostly I hate Annotate the way I don’t hate you,
    not even close
    not even a little bit
    not even at all.

    I suggest this section is not only Kat hates to Patrick with the things that she mentioned in her poetry, but Kat also hated herself whom was very bad-tempered to Patrick however she cannot deny if she really falls in love with Patrick.


  25. 180410120002/A

    One of the elements which builds the triangulation of the “10 Things I Hate About You” is the character, Bianca. This is because her characterizations which are stubborn, clingy, and a little bit annoying, build the plot of the story. If Bianca’s characterization is not like the way it is now, the plot will be change into something different like Bianca who being obedient girl doesn’t have to argue with her father about dating and the story will not have much conflict perhaps. Bianca’s characterization describes the setting of the story – she always clingy to her father – this characterization mostly appear in high school life or teenager. In addition, Bianca’s style in fashion also depicts the setting of the film which it takes around in late 19th.


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