Frequently Asked Questions Post

You’ve been brought here by FAQ link at the end of each discussion post. This is where all your questions should be addressed; read the available Qs first before anything else.


What should I do?

We are posting a blog entry for each work containing our short comments and study questions. Students then should respond directly on the thread of the entry in requested form and identifying themselves with NPM and class.

Please, in simpler words, what should I do?

We are repeating ourselves for the sake of clarity. Here’s a detailed step-by-step of what you should do to comment, in short simple sentences.

1) Compose your response in English.

2) Choose your point earlier, draft your response and make sure it will deliver your point.

3) Make sure, again, that your opinion/argument is treating the act of writing creative work and the way fiction form is delivered.

4) Recheck your grammar. It might be a small act but it sometimes says all.

5) Post your comment by Saturday for Kelas D and Monday for Kelas C on the same week.

If you’re feeling adventurous, of course you can also continue your CW wordpress experience and:

6) Read your friends’ comments.

7) Comment on your friends’ comment to show agreement/disagreement. Just keep your wording polite and language clear to avoid misunderstanding, and it’s all good.

What shouldn’t I do? 

1) Forget to include your identity (NPM/class is a must, add your name if it’s different from your screen name). Since your instructor has to go through all the comments, please make her job easier by including your identity.

2) Respond and post your comment in gibberish. Consider your ideas, points and grammar carefully. This is not a race therefore you can take your time; we don’t consider the first as the best, we consider those who posted comments as the ones who get points.

Why should I respond with a comment (or two)?

It’s all in the syllabus if you’re interested in the details but let us put it on a simple statement: each primary comment is more or less 3.5% of your overall grade. All the additional comments will be included in grading; we appreciate your interesting comments.

Do I have a deadline?

Yes, you do. Students should post their responses no later than Saturday (Kelas D) and Monday (Kelas C) on the same week.

I have another question and it hasn’t been discussed here!

Leave your question in comment section of this post and we’ll try to address it as soon as possible.


This has been a FAQ post. Last edited: 24 February 2015

14 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions Post

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  5. 180410100202/E

    Sorry bu, I have put my dramatization link with midterm work on one comment at ‘dramatization entry’ at 25 april 11:16, but when I took a look to the comment post of my work, it didn’t appear with my dramatization link which is in ‘dramatization entry’ only, because I forget to pin it with class notification. Forgive me bu.


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