Classes start this week!

Please refer (and perhaps bookmark) this post to secure your starting folders for Creative Writing class this semester.

In the first folder you will find 1) the syllabus for 2014 Creative Writing class, 2) all the required reading files, and 3) part of the required material (paper copy only) files. Your instructor will hand you the remaining materials (namely the last folder) in class this week.

We expect you to keep them readily available during meetings. Contact your class rep (or your best friend) if you miss this week’s class and make sure you’ve already gotten hold of these folders on our next meeting.

See you in class!

Edited, 15 March 2014: Contact us (on FAQ post) if you still need the first folder. At this point of time, we expect everyone to already have a copy.

6 thoughts on “Classes start this week!

  1. Excuse me, I am here to ask about a file in the Creative Writing 2013/2014 folder. It is the file of the poem “Howl”, It is not accessible, Does anyone have a summary of this poem? I might have interested in the writer’s background in this poem.

    Thank you

    Luqmanul Hakim


  2. 180410120077

    Thank you very much, Irfan, I had already obtained a soft file of “Howl”, and after a slight reading. Stated in the First three lines of that poem… is a picture of the young generations that suffered from the old generations’ act of “Greed”


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