Scribere was originally set up for displaying writing projects submitted for Creative Writing classes at the Department of English, Universitas Padjadjaran, Jatinangor for the 2013/2014 academic year.

In late 2016, we decided to expand Scribere‘s into hosting broader writing projects. We are trying to accommodate more projects about self, place, and their connections (in both English and Indonesian).


Besides creative writing projects, posts in this blog may also include pieces on the class discussion. The blogging concept was chosen as a way to introduce students to the production, distribution, and consumption of works, and also how to respond to material and criticism. Everyone is welcomed to give their feedback on any post.

2014’s classes focused on the preparation and application on writing and reading practices, as well as overview on intertextuality and adaptation.

2015’s classes focused on application on creative writing and reading practice, exploring writing medium, text genre, and intertextuality aspect.

2016’s creative writing classes focused on application on creative writing, in public medium, and communal activities.

2016’s Writing Professional classes focused on personal experience, copy writing, and our awareness of the p(l)ace we’re living in.

The ongoing 2017 creative writing classes will focus on application on creative writing in public medium, along with the theme of Writing in Local Color.


The name Scribere is Latin for “to write” and was selected solely because everything sounds better in Latin.


Header pic is the work of Ananda Bayu Pangestu (2013), one of her excellent contributions to Scribere’s 2015 film project.

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